Just sit right back and you will hear a tale.....wait a minute this isn't Gilligans' Island. This movie is It Came From Outer Space.  I thought it was Gilligans' Island because I saw the Professor.
Told you!  Here he is. An honest mistake.  Anyway this is Universals' first movie made in 3D.  It's a story about an astronomer  who thinks he sees a meteor crashing in the desert but it is really a spaceship.  The aliens just want to be left alone while they make repairs but that doesn't happen.  They kidnap the locals and make them into copies of the humans so they can move about and get what they need. The aliens have the form of a giant eyeball. Another interesting aspect of the film is some of the movie is seen through the eyes of the aliens. All in all a great entry into the Sci Fi movie genere.