Welcome to the original rock concert, THE MONOLITH MONSTERS!  This is a really good movie and well worth the time to watch.  Back in the 50's studios made "throw-a way" movies which were movies that were made just to put something out  in theatres and drive ins  not expecting anything from them. Universal got a big surprise when this movie became a huge hit and made a lot of money.   What other movie can you see a meteor from outer space crash and shatter into rocks. Then when they get wet they grow to giant proportions and break and regenerate in a forward motion destroying whatever is in their path. The real kicker is if you touch them you turn to stone.  Sounds cool, you bet it is.  Jack Arnold who directed The Creature From The Black Lagoon co-wrote the story and John Sherwood who directed he Creature Walks Among Us directed this film. Grant Williams who starred in The Incredible Shrinking Man stars in this film.