What's this? A section dedicated to the Mole People? I can just hear everyone say "Hey Universal Steve! I thought you were all about the classics only! This is a Universal Sci-Fi flick!" I would answer "You are correct. I am all about the classics. But every now and then you have to branch out in another genere but I will always be only about Universal.  There will be more classics to come but what we have here is a movie about an underground race of people that use Mole Men as slaves. Every now and then they get revenge on their captors by popping up from underground and dragging them down through the sand. This movie has the ever popular John Agar and Ward Cleaver (Beaver Cleavers Dad, Hugh Beaumont), Nestor Paiva ( Lucas from The Creature From The Black Lagoon) and Alan Napier (Alfred the butler from the Batman tv show) The weapon of choice is a flashlight! With all of these factors how could this movie not deserve an honorable mention.