Hi, my name is Terry.  Universal Steve asked me to host this section and I am happy to do it.  Don't mind me, I am a little nervous and keeping my eye out for that Tyrannosaurus.
This movie is often overlooked.  It is not one of Universal's best and is mostly known for a guy in a bad dinosaur suit but it is a pretty cool film I think. Imagine an expedition sent to the Antarticia to check out unusually warm temperatures and gets sideswiped by a pterodactyl and has to make an emergency landing in a land that time forgot. (Sorry that's a diffferent movie) They encounter fighting giant lizards, a sea monster, a caveman ( who turns out to be a survivor from another expedition) carnivious plants and of course the tyrannosaurus.  But not to worry, when you have Jock Mahoney leading you, you will be just fine. He was a former Tarzan so he knows a thing or two about jungles.

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